Based on a True Story

Adam Faust
2 min readJul 6, 2018

Imagine a woman, a single mom. She has a son who is fast — Olympic fast. He qualifies for the Junior Olympics. They spend their weekends on a busy and affluent intersection passing a pail. They’re raising money for all the travel and registration expenses that are thousands of dollars beyond their budget. This mother doesn’t complain. This boy isn’t embarrassed. They just work and smile (two beautiful and joyful smiles) and they work some more. Someone takes notice and shares their story. The community converges and raises the remainder. They accomplish their goal, the boy wins some races and receives some medals. It’s a nice story and everyone feels pretty damn good.

But, there’s a sequel, a sequel no one expected or is particularly interested in. The kind of sequel that looks good, but you can’t be bothered to pony up more money or more time to see the outcome. And we all understand why. It’s your money and your time and you already gave to this story.

But, Monica and young Chris are still on the corner of 11th and Shepherd every weekend. They’re still hustling, still scrapping and most impressively — still smiling. I don’t like asking for money. It’s awfully awkward. One day, I’ll have enough of my own so I won’t have to ask. But, that day is not today.

What makes this sequel different is that if we all see it through to the end, we guarantee a happy ending for our heroes.

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Give here. The average price of a movie ticket is $8.75. Please consider giving that to help Monica and Chris.

Wondering what the heck I am talking about? See the original story here.



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