I bought $64 athletic shorts

Adam Faust
3 min readJul 14, 2017

I was running very late. My adult coed soccer league game was starting in 15 minutes, and I realized I had no shorts. I booked it down to Gap (150 yards from our office) to see what their new GapFit section had to offer. It was closed. As I ran back and contemplated how I’d look in jeans and cleats, I noticed our office neighbors, the cycling studio, RYDE, was bustling at 7pm. I popped my head in and asked if they sold men’s athletic shorts. I was elated when the chisel-jawed gentleman responded affirmatively.

“That’ll be $64.12,” he stated.

What the butt? “Seriously?” I responded.

“Yeah,” he responded knowingly. “But, these are the best shorts you will ever own.”

I should hope. I asked if they had any others on sale or perhaps some very large women’s shorts. Negative. I was at a crossroads. Spend near $70 on black shorts or risk missing our match against Goals Gone Wild. I bought the shorts.

If you’ve read or heard anything about the activewear trend, it has likely been that it is growing. I am not going to go into great detail because great detail is not my strength. I am going to show you two charts, and see what you can make out of the data.

What do you make of these numbers?
Who’s doing better?

Yoga pants are up and jeans are down. Lulu may have started it all, but now there are a lot of less expensive alternatives popping up. Kate Hudson started Fabletics to lower the price but maintain style. There’s a shop down the street, DYI, that creates every product right here in Houston. And, their stuff looks awesome.

(NOTE: I have not been paid for anything I have written. Like, ever. But I will in the future if someone has money for me.)

I think I am on board with this trend. I wasn’t sure where I fell on the topic when I started this. After being at the airport this week, I realized that since the activewear movement, I have seen a major decline in velour Juicy suits. Which is a good enough reason for me to support this shift in the market. When we choose comfort above all else, we risk ending up looking like a velvet-clad Costanza. It also promotes a healthier lifestyle. Even if after we adorn it, we may not always exercise, at least there’s a higher probability of getting a sweat on.

As people are getting more and more casual, they’re also clearly willing to pay for it. As for my $64 Rhone shorts, they are the best shorts I have ever owned. They fit great, stretch in elastic ways I didn’t know existed, and boast a handy media pocket so your media doesn’t hit you in the privates. They are as exactly as advertised. I don’t know if I’ll ever buy another pair, but they’re making a heck of a product and have almost exclusively five star reviews. I was curious if the old guard is getting little uncomfortable, but don’t worry, Nike has some $150 sweat shorts. And, the price is only the second most alarming attribute. If your toting your phone, you’re in grave danger, because these sweat shorts are sans media pocket 😣.



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