We have so much power. We don’t realize the power we wield with our devices. And, it’s not only powerful, it’s easy. We can Facebook message someone’s startup to success. We can connect comrades and change their course forever. And, the worst part is we know this and we don’t do it for one some of the worst reasons imaginable; laziness and thoughtlessness.

I am talking about connecting people.

It’s nuts, right? Our increased connectedness has made it as easy as swiping, typing, throwing in an emoji, and we can connect anyone in seconds and potentially change their life.

There is one instance in which I always remember to connect people — when it benefits me. I connected my pops with our client, Texas Tamale Company so he could order all his company gifts. It makes me look good. That’s why I did it. Because I am human, and you know what amazing buttheads humans can be.

This weekend, I was talking to a buddy who’s unhappy at his job. I have known this for at least a year. What have I done about it? Bupkis. The reason this is especially alarming is because I have been in his exact position. I have empathy for his situation. I know exactly how defeating it is to drag yourself to a life-sucking office blackhole. It not only sucks for you, it sucks for everyone you love because you start to kind of suck too.

Somewhat out of the blue, it dawned on me I might know someone and connected them via a text that literally took fifteen seconds. They’re meeting up this week and it could potentially change his life. Maybe not, but isn’t that worth fifteen seconds? If I had actually stopped and been thoughtful 365 days ago, I could have helped a lot sooner.

But, we’re soooooooo busy.

“I just have a lot going on right now,” rebuts Buford de l’Excuse.

“I am really just trying to focus on my job, my family, my king pigeon pose…” says Shelly St. Selfishness

Busy is bull farts. It’s an excuse we tell ourselves so we can continue to live for us. I have a small business, smaller children, and a blog that is read by tens of people, and I still have time to manage two very competitive fantasy football teams. So, yeah, busy is bull farts.

We can all loosen the suffocating grip of self-absorption and think of how the smallest connection can immensely affect someone. Right now, think of someone who could use a professional referral, an investor introduction or face-to-face coffee connection. Then take five minutes to compose and connect people. You could literally change their life for the better.

Like, maybe you know someone who needs advertising, branding or creative strategy… you could tell them about this funky little shop called 5 + 8 with a super cool and altruistic owner.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnng, it was about me the whole time!

I’m kidding. It was about other people.

I swear.

I think.

I hope.



Adam Faust

We started 5+8 for the same reason anyone starts a company: We thought we could do it better.